Government for the people

Government Reform

Together we can reform government to be FOR the people with term limits, voter rights and campaign reform that STOP the sale of laws.

Taxpayers should not suffer from corruption and conflicts of interest by those abusing their power in violation of their oath of office.

Every government agency should have greater fiscal and services accountability. 

Anyone who wants these same things, regardless of the party you typically associate with, I hope you will love America more and VOTE for Truth in Congress.

Women's Rights & Equity

Every person deserves the respect, fair treatment and representation promised by our constitution. 

Women must be respected, equally represented and valued in government and the workplace. 

  • Women must be in control of their own body. 
  • Forced to carry stillborn babies and denied cancer treatments is too extreme, lawsuits and charges abuses the court system.
  • There is no real choice until we deal with the drivers of abortion: poverty, abuse, and exploitation.
  • We must fix our broken foster care system and make sure all our children have lives worth living not merely surviving.


We can control inflation by stopping Corporate Welfare, price-gouging, monopolies and special interests while supporting fair competition for small and medium businesses and farms.

Gun Safety

We MUST protect our kid’s right to life, limit gun industry protections and ensure only those mentally capable and eligible have access to weapons.

Border Security &
Immigration Reform

All stakeholders must work together for real, balanced SOLUTIONS that protect our borders preventing criminal activity but is also humane, aligned with our values and realizes our investment in Dreamers.

We must have a secure border that does not allow disproportionate concentration or taxpayer burdens for benefits unavailable to US citizens.

Sponsorship and workforce capability should dictate entry approval with immediate work permit in hand, sending workers to the areas where jobs and support systems are ready for them.

Countries need to be held financially accountable to deal with drivers of asylum seeker issues.

Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare can be more affordable and accessible with consumers more in control than industry and government.

  • Consumers should control who is on their plan with no age or family restrictions.
  • Businesses should have option to get out of health care management by giving workers designated funds to buy the benefit plans they want.
  • Medicare / Medicaid patients need equal access and quality of care.


Our k-12 public education system needs:

  • support & fair compensation for teachers,
  • differentiated instructional methods,
  • limited testing to customize learning needs,
  • increased fiscal and academic accountability.

Republicans have been in control underfunding public education and over testing in Texas for 3 decades. Therefore they own any failures of performance. 

Vouchers privatize and dismantle our education system and robs our children of their future earning potential. (See FACTS here)

Vouchers are public taxpayer dollars for private businesses. 

Vouchers are trillions in public land grabs and no bid contracts in every state with private businesses kicking money back to politicians selling our children’s futures. 

Our kids are more than “Backpacks Full of Cash”.

Every high school graduate should have a diploma AND either a skilled trade certification or up to 60 college credits to increase higher education access and lower costs.

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