Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people.

We Need a Change people protesting

The extremes of US politics have exhausted and overwhelmed us with false narratives, manipulation and scorch earth rhetoric repeated so often and loudly that many believe these lies usually because many WANT to believe the lies, to believe the other party is completely evil or lacking common sense. As long as we are divided with false narratives, the super wealthy control and harm all of us.

We have much more in common than we disagree on. We all want to be able to take care of our families, be paid fairly and treated with respect to enjoy the freedoms and rights promised to EVERYONE by our constitution.

If we speak respectfully to each other, we can usually agree on many points if we take the time to learn FACTS and LISTEN to other perspectives, not just be ready with excuses, finger pointing and deflecting to other subjects to avoid dealing with facts with “what about…” arguments. 

If we want a government that actually works for the people, we must get FACTS and vote not because of party, race, wealth or popularity but capability and ethics.

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