In 2024, Democracy is on the ballot.

Policy differences are normal. The attack on our democracy is NOT.

VOTE for love of country above party, person or bias for the sake of our democracy, our children and our future. 

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Ruth "Truth" Torres

Ruth is running for Democracy,

For a government that works for the people.

Like you, Ruth can no longer tolerate the dysfunction and corruption in our government.

Ruth agrees the system is rigged by the wealthy to stay in power to get richer by making the 99% poorer and sicker. Gerrymandering and false narratives make many believe our vote doesn’t count. But this is like a magicians misdirection to distract us while we are robbed.

     Your vote counts now more than any time since the civil war. 

Ruth doesn’t claim to have all the answers but promises to ask very good questions. Ruth will listen and WORK very hard for the people using her skills as a strategic problem solver and change agent to fight for our mutual goals: to provide for our families, our safety, and our future.

Together our vote can reform government to be FOR the people and STOP the sale of laws.

Taxpayers should not suffer from corruption and conflicts of interest by Judas Politicians selling us out for their profit by abusing their power to make the 1% richer by making the 99% poorer and sicker. 

District 5 deserves an ethical representative that will honor their oath to God & country and work for our best interests.

Ruth will work for the people to bring balanced, responsible solutions to protect our democracy, our national interests and address issues that affect our ability to take care of our families:

After 6 years in office, Lance Gooden is doing no good. He has violated his oath to God & country and failed to work for us.

He is working against the best interests of the people of district 5. 

Vision for Change

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Ruth Torres for Congress, TX,D5

Ruth Torres for Congress, TX,D5

Ruth "Truth" Torres, Friend for the people, Democrat, upon election: 1st Woman for US House, TX , CD 5 & 1st Latina to represent NTX in US History.

@ICC @IntlCrimCourt Thank you 4 pursuing charges for ALL responsible for #WarCrimes. The blood of 35k unarmed civilians & millions starving in #Gaza cries out, lives as political currency for @Netanyahu ‘s desperation to hold onto power & avoid accountability for corruption.I will always support #truth, accountability, humanity. ... See MoreSee Less
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#radioluz #620AM Gracias Por su trabajo por la jente ... See MoreSee Less
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Congrats! Elba Garcia, Dallas County Commissioner District 4 Domingo Garcia for the well deserved recognition for your work & investment in the future of and equity for black & brown children across City of Dallas - City Hall.Great careers and impact to come from here: Dr. Elba and Domingo Garcia West Dallas STEM SchoolThank you to all that made this #stemschool happen. DallasISD_español Dallas ISD Maxie Johnson #DISDTrustees TOYOTA #DrivingPossibilities Southern Methodist-University My daughter was at the original @DESA, then the move to the Amelia Earhart building ultimately graduating from Booker T. Washington HSPVA PTSA. I'd like to see #STEMeducation program through to HS graduation with college credits in partnership with Dallas College throughout North Texas and replace zip codes with highest incarceration rates with highest graduation rates. I support #publiceducation, not destruction with charters or #vouchers robbing our kids of education for profit of the few. ... See MoreSee Less
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