In 2024, Democracy is on the ballot.

Policy differences are normal. The attack on our democracy is NOT.
For the sake of our children, grandchildren and those who lost their lives to give us a democracy, we must put love of COUNTRY above party and bias.

Ruth is running for Democracy,

to fight for a government that works for the people instead of against US.

Together we can reform government to be FOR the people with term limits, voter rights and campaign reform to STOP the sale of laws.

Taxpayers should not suffer from corruption and conflicts of interest by those abusing their power in violation of their oath of office.

Ruth will work for the people to bring balanced, responsible solutions to protect our democracy and address issues that affect our ability to take care of our families.

Our country and our state has more problems than ever.
Lance Gooden has NOT worked for us. 
He is working against US.

Vision for Change

Women In Congress
0 %of 535 seats
Corporate Welfare
0 Billion per year
CEO vs Worker Pay
0 to 1
kids in foster care 0 BEFORE abortion bans
People SHOT
0 +
Everyday in the US

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