If 99% VOTE, the 1% can’t control US.

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The Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United is what opened the flood gates of corporate dark money into elections. Without election reform, big business and the super wealthy will continue to throw MASSSIVE amounts of money into elections to support the politicians that will give them laws to make the 1% richer by  making the 99% of hard working Americans poorer and sicker. 

The 1% keep buying the seats for Judas Politicians to use for media coverage, advertising, etc. so they are elected to sell US out. 

 We keep electing based on party, false advertisements, bias or simply who we think will do the least damage. So the best many are hoping for, is someone who isn’t hurting US when we should be demanding they work FOR US.

Voting is a right and privilege many died to give us. Too many take this for granted and it has given opportunity to create a vicious cycle where the few elect those that make laws that effect all of us, our children and grandchildren for generations.

This is especially true for local elections which are typically just 3% to 5% of voter turnout. That is where the problem STARTS. The local elections then feed into state and federal seats.

                       Voting changes EVERYTHING.

Voting or not, has very real consequences.

Even though we saw record voting records in 2020, 40% of eligible voters are not registered to vote.


Eligible Voters, Registered Voters, Vote 2020 Voter Turnout Compare 2020

IF we keep thinking nothing will ever change and therefore fail to VOTE that makes us part of the problem. We are hurting ourselves by not voting.

                              Our VOTE is the SOLUTION. 

We CAN stop the status quo with our VOTE.

We must stop being conditioned to accept being marginalized and “trickled down” on. 

We must hold those elected to office accountable to their oath to US.

We MUST stop electing Judas Politicians that sell us out for their own profit.

Be a part of the solution. Help REGISTER people to VOTE and ask them to Vote WISELY!

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