America’s greatest need is RESPECT for each other.

We have seen a bold lack of respect and value for others, encouraged by those that are supposed to be leaders.

The words we say matter and could mean death or life.

America MUST do better than this.

We can respectfully disagree while still valuing each other, regardless of our party affiliation, how we look, where we are from, how much money we have or don’t, our religion or anything else. 

We all have common needs: to be respected, valued and be able to take care of our families. 

As our founders said, to have life, liberty and pursue happiness.

America’s core illness has metastasized permeating every level and branch of our society. The demand for power is fueled by GREED, fear and discrimination- a great hisPANIC as the population shifts to majority minority. 

At the root, is failure to see every person is made equally valuable by our mutual creator with no excuse to treat others with disrespect, abuse or marginalization.

Those afraid of the majority minority population shift should want DEI (Diversity Equity & Inclusion) programs, should want equity for everyone now so that our children and grandchildren can experience it later.

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