America’s greatest need is RESPECT for each other.

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We have seen a bold lack of respect and value for others, especially by those that are supposed to be leaders.

The words we say matter and could mean death or life.

Respect is showing basic level of regard and professionalism towards others in what we say. Political leaders need to return  to respectfully disagree on issues without attacking the person, calling them names, trying to justify or deflect by bringing up “what about” arguments to hijack the narrative or encouraging violence. 

If our political leaders behave like this, it sets a very bad example for the entire nation and undermines our reputation around the world. 

Isn’t the purpose for which our founders established the United States worth protecting? To have life, liberty and be able to pursue happiness, which requires justice, equity and mutual respect.

We all have common needs: to be valued and to be able to take care of ourselves and our families.

America’s core illness has metastasized permeating every branch of our government and level of our society. This evil social cancer is fueled by GREED, fear and discrimination- a great hisPANIC as the population shifts to majority minority, when people of color will outnumber white people. 

At the root, is failure to see every person is made equally valuable by our mutual creator. Discrimination isn’t a complaint against the person, but against our mutual Creator. Therefore, there is no legitimate justification to treat others with disrespect, abuse or marginalization.

We can respectfully disagree on policies while still valuing each other; what we have in common and our uniqueness regardless of party affiliation, how we look, where we were born, how much money we have or don’t, our religion or anything else. 

Those afraid of the majority minority population shift should want DEI (Diversity Equity & Inclusion) programs, should want equity for everyone now so that all our children can have access to the American Dream, especially given the fact their children and grandchildren will want these policies applied to them when they are the minority. 

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  1. Thanks for your publication. One other thing is always that individual states have their own personal laws in which affect homeowners, which makes it extremely tough for the Congress to come up with a whole new set of guidelines concerning foreclosures on home owners. The problem is that a state features own legal guidelines which may interact in an unwanted manner when it comes to foreclosure insurance policies.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I will keep that in mind. Lots of work to be done including banking requirements to protect the dream of homeownership. I appreciate you. Thank you for your support. Donate or volunteer here! United, we have already own.

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