Bad politicians are elected by good people.

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Good people sometimes elect bad politicians to office. 

We all have family and friends we LOVE but wouldn’t leave alone in our house with our car and bank accounts while we travel.

We all get to like and vote for whoever we want. People often vote along party lines, race or last name and nothing else matters. 

As an HR (Human Resources) Professional that makes management hiring decisions, we have processes that require reference checks and situation based interviews to make the best hiring decisions. We have a saying in HR,

     “The best indicator of future success is past performance.”

Because they have already demonstrated who they are, what they are capable of and what we can expect. 

When you vote or don’t allowing the few to select our leaders, you are hiring someone to make decisions that impact you, your family and your grandkids that may not even be born yet.

If you vote for someone just because you like they way they look or their personality or because you like some things they say even though they are lying or saying very mean, unethical or unprofessional things while ignoring their past failure to perform or unethical actions, your vote gives that person the keys to our nation to destroy it. 

You wouldn’t give your 6 year old the keys to your car even if they REALLY want them because that would be dangerous. Because we care about people, we should never give people authority they won’t handle well because we know they will make BAD decisions that hurt themselves and others.  

As a parent, most of us have said to our kids, “If your friend told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?” Well, right now there are a whole lot of young people who should be asking their parents and grandparents, if a con-artist and those who help them tell lies, demonstrate a complete lack of ethics, never take accountability, disrespects and attacks everyone that doesn’t agree with them, made laws that hurt us and robs kids of their education, denies women their rights, promotes distrust and violence,…. tells you the election was stolen so storm the capital to keep them in power, call people illegal animals that belong in cages, work camps or dead, will you vote for them again?”

 If we want a government that actually works for the people, we must take the time to get FACTS and VOTE based on ethics and capability. 

Not because of party, race, wealth or how many tv ads and mailers we get. 

We are now experiencing non-stop political Jerry Springer shows except security isn’t waiting on the sidelines to break up the planned violence. The dark money in politics pays for media advertising that influences what people believe. The media airs what sells and the drama people want to hear, even if its lies.

People who are afraid and insecure often put others down to feel better about themselves. They feel the need to promote themselves by stepping on others. 

People want someone to blame for economic issues. So if the narrative gives people a convenient target they won’t ask questions or look for facts but instead accept the false narrative as true.

Voters are increasingly bombarded with false messages in snappy one-liners that might  sound good on the surface but are a manipulation of facts.

Just like a magician, Judas Politicians have taken a Masterclass in misdirection so voters are distracted from what is actually happening. 

The extremes of US politics have exhausted and overwhelmed us with false narratives, manipulation and scorch earth rhetoric repeated so often and loudly that many believe these lies usually because many WANT to believe the lies, to believe the people in an opposing party are completely evil.

As long as we are divided with false narratives, the super wealthy control and harm all of us.

Vote for the capable and ethical representative District 5 deserves. 

VOTE for Ruth “Truth” Torres

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