government for the people


In control of her own body.

It is not the role of government to control what people do with their bodies or infringe upon God given free-will.

It is the role of government to deal with factors that abuse the vulnerable or undermine free-will placing all of us under dictatorship.


Isn’t this far too extreme? 

Ruth is a woman of faith that values life, God given free-will and the personal rights promised in our Constitution. Ruth personally understand the joys of motherhood as well as the challenges women in poverty, domestic violence or trapped in human trafficking face.  Ruth also personally knows the impact abortion and miscarriages have on women as well as the challenges working women have during and after pregnancies and in child support enforcement. That’s why Ruth will represent women’s rights to have full control of the decisions affecting their own body including:

  • Codify Roe v. Wade with limits:
  • Abortion legal up to viability to survive outside the womb
  • Exceptions due to rape / incest and defined medical necessity
  • Protect women’s rights to utilize in vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Address the drivers of abortion: poverty, abuse, and exploitation:
    • Ensure affordable access to birth control, resources for domestic abuse and mental health.
    • Provide affordable medical care during and post pregnancy.
    • Ensure timely processing of rape kits and prosecution of rape and human trafficking.
    • Provide evaluation and resources for domestic violence, incest and human trafficking.
    • Support maternal / child support from conception and affordable childcare.


      The people of district 5 deserve respect and ability to control the decisions that affect their own body.


                                        Representation & Equity in the Workforce & Government

This results in more women struggling paying rent instead of owning a home, the inability to afford health care and other significant inequality factors reducing quality of life. Who writes the laws matter. That’s why Ruth will work for legislation to reduce the gender wage gap as well as improve representation in business and government.

Women deserve to be respected, equally represented and valued in government and the workplace.


                      Our vulnerable foster kids deserve protection. 

Ruth was a foster kid and understands the failures of the system first hand. Ruth will work for bi-partisan legislation that addresses our broken foster care system with more resources for parents and family members to raise kids in safe and healthy environments, reduce barriers to adoption and increase government accountability to make sure all our children have lives worth living not merely surviving.

                                                                   Our children deserve quality of life. 


                     Vote for Ruth “Truth” Torres for US Congress District 5.


Ruth understands the value of a quality education. As a 10th grade drop-out Ruth realized getting her education was necessary to be able to take care of her daughter. Ruth earned a bachelor’s degree at Dallas Community College and Dallas Baptist University and then a Master’s Degree in International Management. Ruth has also worked as a K-12 substitute teacher and a college business professor which gives her added perspective.

Just imagine if you lived in a small town with many family owned businesses for decades. If a “Big Box” store comes in, it would quickly shut down all those family owned businesses unable to compete. Then the Big Box can raise prices because there is no competition. If they decide to leave, it would create a food and services desert that would take a lot of resources and time to reestablish. That’s just one of the many dangers of charter schools and voucher programs. They eliminate existing school systems and the school building and land will be sold off for cheap to become anything in our community destroying all infrastructure while taxpayer money is paying for private land via charter schools and vouchers, which would also potentially eliminate the majority of our voting locations.

This agenda is motivated by GREED and FEAR of majority-minority population to return us to a separate and unequal society, reversing the integration required in Brown v. Board of Education. Please see Ruth’s comparison chart HERE to see the facts.

The lie being told is charters and vouchers are about “parental choice” and to stop “woke” indoctrination when it is UNINFORMED choice because parents do not even consider to ask if teachers are certified and these “schools” have no performance accountability.

Republicans have been controlling everything taught in schools and how schools operate for 30 years in Texas. Out of 50 states, we are ranked 42 in education attainment, 44th in funding, with the state spending only 3.45% of its economic capacity of K-12 public schools and holding increases in teacher pay hostage to privatize public education.


Privatizing and dismantling our education system robs our children of their future and increases crime rates.

Vouchers are tax-payer dollars for private businesses giving welfare to the wealthy whose children have never been in public school, trillions of dollars $ in public land becoming privately owned and private businesses issuing billions in taxpayer funded no bid contracts every year in every county with private businesses kicking money back to politicians robbing our children of their future.

Our kids are more than “Backpacks Full of Cash”.

Ruth will work for bi-partisan legislation for an accountable public education system that produces an equipped workforce with:

  • Transparency & Accountability in Public Education (Ruth’s draft bill) for increased fiscal and academic accountability.
  • Full funding elementary & secondary education (ESEA)
  • Fair compensation for teachers
  • Differentiated instructional methods
  • Limited testing to customize learning needs
  • Expand college credits and trade certification in high school. Every high school graduate should have a diploma AND either a skilled trade certification or up to 60 college credits to increase higher education access and lower costs.
  • Tax breaks for businesses that provide tuition reimbursement with increased wages upon program completion.
  • Limited loan forgiveness programs with program price controls to reduce future loan debt.
  • Bankruptcy reform to include student loans.

                                     The people of district 5 deserve accountable, quality public education,

                                          fair wages for teachers and control of student loan debt.

                               Vote for Ruth “Truth” Torres for US Congress District 5.


Ruth is part Hispanic, specifically her father is black born in a US territory, Puerto Rico and her mom was a white country girl from Kentucky. However, please do not assume that means she supports an “Open Border”, that is not the case.

Crime and tragedies happen everyday, which is why we must work together to secure our border with solutions for immigration reform,  instead of blocking laws that solve problems so they complain about how bad it is. We need balanced solutions, not extremes of open borders with expensive chaos nor inhumane or unconstitutional treatment.

Migrants are NOT driving up crime rates. These lies are being told so Americans are afraid and see migrants as enemies which affects how we vote. The FACTS are:


Isn’t the immigration rhetoric calling migrants illegal animals from Hitler’s playbook to dehumanize and justify murder, laying the groundwork for Holocaust 2.0?

Don’t you think if the prior administration is re-elected migrant murders will be applauded, especially when it has promised the greatest deportation in history ripping apart families and taking workers out of the economy to work camps will begin on inauguration day?

Do you think the Texas Governor spending over $148 million in taxpayer dollars and counting for buses is just for political theatre and campaign kickback? Or is he building process and infrastructure to take people they don’t like to workcamps? Imagine the impact on children, families, businesses, our economy, lawsuits and instability such a massive, ill-planned sudden removal of the workforce this action would cause.


Ruth views discrimination as a complaint not against the person but against our mutual Creator.

 Isn’t it time we VOTE to stop lies fueled by race-based fear using manipulated and weaponized religion that justifies devaluing people?

Ruth and her family is multi-racial. Ruth’s mother was a white country girl from rural Kentucky who worked as a nurses aid and in the school cafeteria. Ruth lost her mom to Diabetes complications in 2022. Ruth’s father is a black Puerto Rican who worked at a steel mill, laid the streets of Chicago and had a food truck. For some, Ruth is not black, Hispanic or white enough. Ruth likes to say she is like coffee with milk. Ruth embraces all of who she is and agrees her blood is poison against the shameful hypocrisy of Christian Nationalism.

As a woman of faith, Ruth sees the great hypocrisy of Christian Nationalism being used is directly contrary to every Biblical principle.  ‘When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God. Leviticus 19:33-34

Ruth opposes dehumanizing, fear mongering enforcement-only immigration policies & separating migrant families. Ruth will WORK for bi-partisan SOLUTIONS that have been blocked by Lance Gooden and all those working against our best interests:

  • An efficient refugee and asylum systems to apply at country of origin with approval and process of entry scheduled. We must reduce processing times from years to 90 days or less.
  • Immediate temporary work visa at point of entry for financial independence and ability to get a driver’s license and car insurance to make our roads safer.
  • Eliminate benefits unavailable to US citizens.
  • A new quota method based on a data driven formula for sponsorship with immediate work permit in hand, sending workers to the areas where jobs are that need them.
  • A change in US foreign aid funding strategy so we focus on job creation and crime instead of giving money to the Latin and Caribbean countries driving poverty based migration issues.
  • Bring deported US veterans back home.
  • End “return to country of origin” policies for those already in the U.S.
  • Path to citizenship for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).


The people of district 5 deserve a secure border and the workforce needed to fuel our economy and fund social security with Immigration Reform SOLUTIONS with efficient, humane processes aligned with our values and principles.

                             Vote for Ruth “Truth” Torres for US Congress District 5.


  • Do you want elected officials to honor their oath to country, to defend our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic over party or any person? Shouldn’t our national security secrets stay secure and away from those that want to hurt US interests?
  • Will we allow traitors, with no concept of honor or service to redefine the meaning of “patriot”? To hold power at our highest levels of government to destroy democracy, weaken our nation, enable our enemies, embolden dictators and instigate world war 3?


                          Dr. Martin  Luther King Jr., told us Why We Can’t Wait,

“We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly,                             affects all indirectly.”

Covid should have taught us how interconnected every country and economy is. Something that happens on the other side of the
world can seem far away but the repercussions reach us and our economy.  The wars happening right now around
the world threaten to put our sons and daughters serving in the military into battle and bring those fights to our doors.

Wouldn’t it be wise to consider the fact Russia can see our backyards too? And the risks posed by those that want to harm US interests?

Ruth will work for bipartisan support for legislation that is wise with taxpayer dollars, supports Ukraine, honors our commitment to NATO and our allies fighting for their lives. If we fail to do so, don’t you think that stone is going to roll back on us?


                     We must ensure justice and accountability against government abuse, corruption and war crimes,

                                                                         regardless of who commits them.

Israel is due safety, return of their hostages and justice. The civilians and children of Gaza are equally due a ceasefire, safety and
quality of life. There is no justification for the mass suffering and killing of innocent civilians; that’s not acceptable collateral damage.

District 5 deserves a representative that will demand accountability in government spending, both in domestic and foreign affairs.

District 5 deserves a representative that protects our national security and honors their oath to defend our constitution, against enemies foreign and domestic, to act in the United States best interests.


                          Isn’t our democracy, that millions lost their lives to secure for us,

                                                worth fighting for with your VOTE?


Our active military & veterans deserve better care. 

We need to better prepare our military and their families with the mental health support they need before, during and after service as well as better serve veteran needs when they end active duty for workforce transition, entrepreneurship opportunities and affordable housing. Veterans need automatic enrollment and evaluations for healthcare  with simplified processes. Veterans who are eligible for social security or VA disability benefits should not have medical coverage costs. Additionally, we must bring back honorably discharged veterans that have been deported.


The people of District 5 deserve national security, protection of our interests and accountability for tax dollars. 

Vote for Ruth “Truth” Torres for US Congress District 5. 


  • Are you tired of elected officials failing to actually work for the people? Spending more time posturing for media one liners and lacking the ability to work with members of the opposing parties or even their own party, and not caring about the people they represent or how their actions affect us? Well, so is Ruth.  The first people that need pay freezes are members of Congress before any government shut down.

Ruth is committed to SERVE, working and compromising for results that protect and provide for the people of District 5.

Government officials should not be allowed to abuse their authority for campaign kickbacks, insider stock trades or violate laws that taxpayers have to pay for. No one should be above the law, especially those who write laws!

Together we can reform our government with voter rights and campaign reform, opposing gerrymandered maps and policies that reduce the voices of voters, including supporting the Freedom to Vote / John R. Lewis Act and For the People Act to protect the Voting Rights Act and STOP the sale of laws by Judas Politicians, those elected or appointed to work for us but instead sell us out for their own profit.

Ruth personally uncovered and reported government corruption to enforcement agencies and has been fighting in court actions since 2016 as local and state officials violated state and federal laws to rob workers at DFW airport of wages and benefits.  Ruth has experienced the retaliation of being a whistleblower trying to hold government officials accountable to comply with the law. She realized the level of corruption and many political games used to control and disenfranchise voters for the purpose of power and greed. That’s why Ruth will work for increased protections for whistleblowers and legislation that ensures accountability in government so that every vote counts at an equal value.

Will you rise in unity to VOTE, to shore up the purpose and integrity of every branch of our government preventing it from being chopped down and sold to the highest bidder? To stop the 1% from buying seats for Judas Politicians, elected to protect us but instead selling the 99% of us out for their own profit?

Will you VOTE for a government that works for the people with balanced solutions and reforms – to require our constitutions contractual obligation to equally provide each of us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Your VOTE builds a future where every voice is heard, every person is valued and every vote counts for an accountable government by the people, for the people of District 5, for Texas and for a United States of America.

Ruth will represent the interests of CD5; every race, every political party, every socio-economic status, in large cities or tiny towns. 

The people of district 5 deserve an ethical, accountable government.

Vote for Ruth “Truth” Torres for US Congress District 5. 


Ruth is a business owner, former business professor,  she was an executive with a grocery retailer and an HR Consultant for  businesses. Ruth understands the need for businesses to employ workers, meet consumer needs and fuel our economy.

District 5 is experiencing historic and explosive growth which requires infrastructure resources for streets, water & sewer, first responders, parks, public transportation, development that needs to happen financially wise to pro-actively build with the future and environment in mind.

All of us in District 5 feel the impact of prices for our groceries, cost of housing, insurance and increasing debt while businesses are making strong profits and CEO pay is reaching over 324X’s more than front line worker pay.

Ruth will work to control inflation and help district 5 families afford groceries & living expenses by:

  • Support STOP increasing interest rates
  • STOP Corporate Welfare, price-gouging and monopolies
  • SUPPORT small and medium businesses and farms for fair competition and reasonable regulations. Support SBA programs & government contracts to small and medium businesses.
  • Support economic policy that requires BIG business and 1% to pay their fair share and reduce wage gaps.
  • Support removal of the Social Security cap
  • Support Budget and tax policies that promote creation and retention of jobs in the U.S.
  • Support responsible Federal spending as a method to promote economic growth, including helping district 5’s growing communities access federal dollars from the historic Infrastructure Bill for internet access ensuring rural communities are connected while protecting the environment. 


The people of district 5 deserve economic policies that benefit the people, not just big business and the 1%.

                                   Vote for Ruth “Truth” Torres for US Congress District 5.


Ruth knows far too many people in District 5 lack access to affordable medical care. That makes us all vulnerable to infectious illnesses, affects our ability to work and provide for our kids, allows illness to get worse and more expensive since we wait too long because of lack of medical insurance.

  • Those on Medicaid and Medicare are waiting too long for appointments, driving too far to get to specialists, access to prescriptions are not equal with private insurance and those who apply for Medicare benefits late get hit with a late penalty when they are already at or below poverty level leaving our seniors even more vulnerable.
  • We also have drug and opioid problems affecting our communities and although there have been huge settlements, grants and other funding programs, those funds are not being equitably distributed.

We need major changes in our health care system so we have more access that is affordable so we are healthier. The privatization of our medical systems has focused more on profits than quality care and reduced facility capacity, especially in our rural communities. We have to get creative and design programs and access to providers using mobile care units and the internet, which is why President Biden’s infrastructure bill is so critical. It won’t solve all medical issues, but it will allow people to have internet virtual visits with doctors.

Ruth will work for:

  • Medicaid expansion, regulation of prescription drug costs & improving Medicare benefits with vision, hearing and dental coverage.
  • Single-Payer program to strengthen the Affordable Care Act & expand Family and Medical Leave Act.
  • Consumers in control to add people to their plan with no age or family relationship restrictions.
  • Equal access and quality of care for Medicare / Medicaid patients in pharmaceuticals, providers and treatment plans.
  • Pilot ACA program for businesses to have the option to get out of healthcare management by giving workers designated funds to buy the benefit plans they want on the exchange or from a coop.
  • Add preventative and health trajectory education programs.
  • Promote coops and other programs to unwind monopolistic providers.
  • Equitable distribution of funding for drug rehab and recovery programs.


The people of district 5 deserve affordability and accessible healthcare with more consumer controls and education to have longer, healthier lives.

Vote for Ruth “Truth” Torres for US Congress District 5.



Redlining is a discriminatory practice that impacts where and how much people pay for housing and creates concentrations of poverty and crime. Although illegal these issues still exist with banks and developers reaping billions in tax benefits ever year while violating federal law, which has now been overhauled under the Biden administration and banks really don’t like the accountability so expect banks and real estate developers to support candidates like Lance Gooden that won’t require accountability and will allow consumers to be robbed of the American Dream of home ownership.

Ruth will work for bi-partisan support:

  • To STOP rental price-gouging and commercialization of communities with hedge fund investors and foreign entities controlling market share by supporting the End Hedge Fund Control of American Homes Act.
  • For restructuring of HUD, subsidies and other taxpayer funded programs to improve accountability and results.
  • Expand affordable housing programs & turn empty commercial buildings into mixed use.
  • Promote banking policies for affordable home construction.
  • End concentrations and cycles of poverty by holding banks & developers accountable for redlining and violations of the Community Reinvestment Act and enforcement of Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) overhaul.
  • Implement other ideas from North Texas Regional Housing Assessment, which Ruth was involved with to provide practical recommendations to increase housing while addressing the continued effects of redlining and segregation.  
  • Reform housing programs to improve owners participation in voucher and section 8 programs, moving families to independence whenever possible through HUD programs like HOME. 
  • Negotiate for increased congressional funding to dramatically increase availability of affordable housing for seniors and veterans in the district. 


The people of district 5 deserve affordable housing. Let’s work together to address housing challenges and ensure everyone has a place to call home and home ownership is not just a dream. #Housing #Community #Security #Equality       

                              Vote for Ruth “Truth” Torres for US Congress District 5.




2023 saw significant gains for worker rights, but there is still much to be done. As a Human Resource Consultant, Ruth knows that after being hired, most people only interact with HR when they are in trouble or fired. Ruth is an advocate for worker rights with 25+ years of experience as a strategic problem solver and change agent addressing root issues for the mutual benefit of workers and businesses.

That’s why Ruth:

  • Supports increasing the national minimum wage to $15 plus living wages based on each market, so families can afford groceries and a safe, stable home. Ethical businesses that make sure workers are well cared for and share in the profits their work enables should receive preference in government contracts.
  • Supports the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act to include: 1.  Workers outsourced within 18 months prior & 2. Organizers receive equal time, access & resources to respond to company anti-union tactics including company email, captive audiences, etc.
  • Supports the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act because teachers, first responders, and civil servants deserve the right to negotiate fair compensation and work environment.
  • Supports protecting public sector employees’ pay, rights, and benefits.
  • Ruth opposes front line federal employees’ pay freezes and benefit cuts. Before any government worker cuts or government shutdowns, the 1st thing that needs to be shut down is pay for congressional reps that fail to work for the American people.
  • Ruth opposes at-will employment for federal service jobs.
  • Ruth supports policies that provide status protections to immigrant workers.

    The people of district 5 deserve living wages and worker rights to be able to work and care for our families.

                                Vote for Ruth “Truth” Torres for US Congress District 5.



Texas in-prison death rate is 30x the national average due to many prisons not having air conditioning.

While Ruth hates the skunk smell of Marijuana and has never used it, marijuana does have some medical benefits and we have locked up millions of people wasting trillions of dollars by criminalizing marijuana whose health impact is no worse than alcohol.

Ruth will work to address the root issues driving crime rates: poverty, lack of quality education, cyclical barriers that fuel repeat offenses with a restorative approach to reduce recidivism including:

          The people of district 5 deserve to be safe, ensure justice and provide rehabilitation so we have more                                                        contributors to society and less repeat offenses. 

                               Vote for Ruth “Truth” Torres for US Congress District 5. 


The US has the 28th highest rate of gun deaths in the world and among high-income countries with over 10M, the US is almost triple the next closest rate?

The gun industry has special protections that other businesses don’t have to shield them from lawsuits by those they bought seats for- Judas politicians selling us out for their own profit while Americans die. 

Responsible, law-abiding Texans can enjoy 2nd Amendment rights while we also take common-sense steps to protect our kids, save lives, ensure law enforcement can easily identify who the “bad guy” is and prevent those experiencing a mental health crisis from having access to firearms  – steps that will have no effect on responsible gun owners.

We need common-sense safe storage laws for firearms so that young children aren’t able to accidentally injure or kill themselves or their siblings, and preventing criminals from stealing them for use in violent crimes.

We MUST protect our kid’s right to life by removing  gun industry protections and ensure only those training, mentally capable and eligible have access to weapons.

That’s why Ruth will work for bi-partisan legislation for: 

  • Immediate elimination of Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act
  • Require training & license permits, universal background checks, red flag, and safe storage laws.
  • Stop “ghost guns” plastic 3D printed guns.
  • Criminal and civil liability for gun sellers and anyone who fails to comply with gun laws or provides access to firearms knowing a high risk of imminent danger exists that would lead to injury or death.
  • Assault weapons ban with exceptions for those meet increased age, training, licensure, insurance requirements and who submit to annual mental health checks and other safety protocols.


The people of district 5 deserve the right to live with our kids returning from school alive.  

                                   Vote for Ruth “Truth” Torres for US Congress District 5. 

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