Meet Ruth

Ruth is running for democracy

Ruth with Mom & brother Paul

Ruth "Truth" Torres

Ruth is a strategic and hands-on problem solver uniting stakeholders for mutual goals, turning chaos into order while championing worker rights for over 25 years.

The name “Ruth” means friend. Ruth believes the best way to be a friend is to tell the truth, especially to those who don’t want truth but need it. Torres means “towers”. A lighthouse is a graphic for the person Ruth strives to be.

Ruth is motivated by her ability to solve complex problems and bring opposing groups together to make positive impact to people’s lives.

She is 3rd of 6 kids to parents Linda Sue, a white country girl from rural Kentucky and Andres a black Puerto Rican, both from farming families.

Ruth embraces all of who she is and often describes herself as being like café con leche (coffee with creamer). 

Ruth’s diverse background exposed her to racial and socio-economic dynamics lighting a passion to foster honest, results oriented conversations to address social justice issues and improve inter-racial relationships.

Raised in gang territories of Chicago and Miami, Ruth Torres went from being in foster homes eventually returned to her parents, a 10th grade high school dropout and 2nd generation single mother to become an HR Leader, entrepreneur, business professor for 7 years, lecturer, author and Executive Director for a non-profit organization for at-risk youth.

Ruth & kids: Jermain, Tonya, Kayla, Ruth, Lara & Calvert
Ruth & granddaughter Hazel

Ruth has lived in Dallas almost 15 years. She completed her Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 5 semesters simultaneously attending Dallas County Community College and Dallas Baptist University via a daily 14 mile bicycle ride. Ruth attained her Master’s Degree in International Management, HR from Florida International University in 2003, also gaining SPHR and mediation certifications. 

Ruth’s old man of 18 years is a jealous beast that still lives up to his name, Chase Trouble.

In 2016, Ruth discovered government corruption that required her to shake-off generations of conditioning to accept things as they have always been to instead fight for equity, justice and due process rights promised by our constitution.

These experiences as well as the murder of George Floyd and the January 6th insurrection and attack on our democracy made Ruth realize the need to TRY to make things better for all of our children and grandchildren, it’s the motivation behind her commitment to serve District 5.

Ruth is running for Democracy, for a government that works for the people instead of against us.

Ruth’s first legislation reduced street racing after 8 year old Olivia was killed in 2019, gaining bi-partisan support for HB2315, HB3212 & SB1766, passed in 2021 protecting lives across Texas.




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